In 1992, Italy and Vietnam signed an Agreement on Scientific and Technological co-operation which was ratified and came into effect in 1998.

The Agreement foresees that projects to be financed in the framework of this agreement are approved by the Vietnam-Italy Joint Committee by means of four-years executive programmes.

Thus, the first quadriennal phase of this co-operation was carried out successfully between 1998 and 2001 with the financing of various projects of co-operation.

On July 2002, the Vietnam-Italy Joint Committee on S&T set the beginning of the second phase (lasting from 2002 through 2005) by the financing of 22 new projects in various scientific and technological fields for the mutual exchange of scientists and researchers (for the detailed list please see below).

Each joint research project foresees a maximum of two visits of Vietnamese scientists or researchers to Italy to be financed annually by the Italian Foreign Ministry. Each academic or research institution is entitled to send one person to Italy for two long term stays or two short term stays or one long and one short term stay.

Short term stays will be of a maximum of ten calendar days, while long term stays will be up to three months in multiples of one month.

The international travel expenses shall be borne by the sending party and the stay of the Vietnamese researchers abroad will be covered by an all inclusive allowance (93 euros/days for short stays or 1,300 euros/full month for long stays).

The relevant applications shall be made directly by the Vietnamese academic and research institutions, which will submit the prescribed documents concerning the Vietnamese scientists visiting Italy to the cultural section of the Embassy of Italy in Hanoi
(Address: 9, Le Phung Hieu st., Hanoi; tel.: 00-84-4-8256256/ 00 84-4-8256246; fax: 00 84-4-8267602; email: [email protected]).

For a detailed list of the Vietnamese academic and research institutions and the related heads of project please refer to the list of the approved projects.



-         Financial allowance application form (see annex);

-         Visa application form duly filled and signed (see annex)

-         Short CV (maximum 3 pages) including: name and address, place and date of birth, educational qualifications, foreign languages, institute or organization, profession and previous assignments;

-         Detailed work program including the list of institutes to visit;

-         Letter of invitation from the hosting Institution mentioning the dates and length of the visit (as reported in the application form);

-         List of recent publications (maximum one page).

-         Letter of appointment by the head of the project (in favour of his/her replacement in the event that the head of the project does not personally go to the other country for research).


All documents should be submitted in English




The Second Vietnamese-Italian Program of Cooperation in S&T (2002-2005)

New Joint Projects


1. Agriculture and Biotechnology (AB);

2. High Technology (T);

3. Basic and Applied Science (BS);

4. Energy and Environment (EE);

5. Medicine and Health (MH);

6. Conservation and Restoration of Ancient Monuments (RM).


Title of Project

Italian Partner

Vietnamese Partner


Agriculture and Biotechnology


Identification and characterisation of natural bio-preservatives produced by lactic acid bacteria isolated from Vietnamese fermented foods for food preservation

Prof. Parente Eugenio

Biology Department,

Basilicata University

Tel: 39.0971.205561

Fax: 39.0971.205503

Dr. Le Thanh Binh

Institute of Agricultural Genetics and Biotechnology,

MARD Vietnam

Tel: 84.4.8387520

Fax: 84.4.7543196


Co-composting of organic municipal solid waste and agricultural waste for fertilisation of clean vegetable production in peri-urban agricultural areas

Prof. Gregori Mario

Dept. Agro-industrial biology and economics, Udine University

Tel: 39.0432.558306

Fax: 39.0432.558302


Prof. Dao Chau Thu

Sustainable Agricultural R&D Centre (SARDC),

Hanoi Agricultural University I

Tel: 84.4.8767864

Fax: 84.4.4276554


Developing reproductive biotechnology for improving buffalo production

Prof. Fabio de Rensis

Dept. Animal Health Veterinarian Faculty, Parma University

Tel: 39.0521.902659

Fax: 39.0521.902662

Dr. Bui Xuan Nguyen

Laboratory of Biology of Reproduction and Development,

Institute of Biotechnology, NCST Vietnam

Tel: 84.4.7562902

Fax: 84.4.7564483


Radiation technology applications to foodstuffs treatment

Dr. Tata Antonino

ENEA, Casaccia

Tel: 39.0630.486225

Fax: 39.0630.484739

Dr. Le Thanh Binh

Institute of Agricultural Genetics and Biotechnology,

MARD Vietnam

Tel: 84.4.8387520

Fax: 84.4.7543196


Optimising nutrition of native Cattle and Buffaloes using local forages

Prof. Piero Susmel

Dept. Sciences of Animal Production

Udine University, Italy

Tel: 39.0432650110

Fax: 39.0432660614

MSc. Vo Kim Thanh

Hue University of Agriculture and Forestry,

University of Hue

Tel: 84.54.525049

Fax: 84.54.524923


High Technology


Optical sensors and instruments

Prof. Coisson Roberto

Department of Physics,

University of Parma

Tel: 39.0521.905241

Fax: 39.0521.905223

Dr. Pham Van Hoi

Institute of Materials Science,

NCST Vietnam

Tel: 84.4.8360586

Fax: 84.4.8360705


Basic and Applied Science


Teaching Curricula in Optics and telecommunications

Prof. Podini Paolo

Department of Physics,

Parma University, Italy

Tel: 39.0521.905235

Fax: 39.0521.905223

Prof. Nguyen Van Hieu

Faculty of Technology,

Hanoi National University

Tel: 84.4.7560426

Fax: 84.4.7564483


Surface Physics in Advanced Magnetic and Superconducting Materials

Prof. Davoli Ivan

INFM-Roma Research Unit,

Physics Dept.

“Tor Vergata” University

Tel: 39.0672594523

Fax: 39.062023507

Prof.Dr.Nguyen Huu Duc

Hanoi University of Sciences,

Hanoi National University

Tel: 84.4.8585281

Fax: 84.4.8584438


Project on Equipping and Staff training for the laboratory of advanced ceramics

Dr. Gian Nicola Babini

Institute of Science and Technology for Ceramics (ISTEC), Faenza, CNR

Tel: 39.054.6699711

Fax: 39.054.6699719

MSc. Tran Hong Ha

Institute for Technology of Radioactive and Rare Elements (ITRRE),

Vietnam Atomic Energy Commission, MOSTE

Tel: 84.4.7760340

Fax: 84.4.8350966


Viet-net: Italian-Vietnamese inter-university network

Prof. Zandonini Riccardo

Trento University


University of Technology Hanoi


Research and training in the mathematical sciences.

Figà Talamanca Alessandro

President of the Istituto Nazionale di Alta Matematica


Institute of Mathematics


NCST Vietnam


Energy and Environment


Establishing appropriate approaches to increase earthquakes preparedness in Vietnam

Prof. Dr. Panza G.F.

Department of Earth Science,

University of Trieste, Italy

Tel: 39.040.6762117

Fax: 39.040.6762111

Dr. Cao Dinh Trieu

Institute of Geophysics,

NCST Vietnam

Tel: 84.4.7564380

Fax: 84.4.8364696


University Centre for the development of SMEs in the Environmental Protection and Energy Field in Vietnam

Prof. Vincenzo Naso


University of Rome

Tel: 39.06.772653208

Fax: 39.06.772653215

Dr. Tran Ngoc Ca

Technology Policy Research Department, National Institute for Science and Technology Policy and Strategy Studies (NISTPASS),

MOSTE Vietnam

Tel: 84.4.8265634

Fax: 84.4.8252873


Geophysical and remote sensing techniques integration for high resolution subsurface applications to the study and characterisation of aquifers, brown fields and contaminated sites (GIANT)

Prof. Dr. Michele Pipan

Department of Geological, Marine and environmental sciences,

University of Trieste, Italy

Tel: 39.0406762277

Fax: 39.0406762290

Dr. Nguyen Van Giang

Department of Applied geophysics,

Institute of Geophysics, NCST, Vietnam

Tel: 84.4. 7564333

Fax: 84.4. 7564483


Process-related study of the environmental behaviour of coastal lagoons in central Vietnam as a function of management options

Dr. Frignani Mauro

Institute for Marine Geology (ISMA - IGM),

Italian National Scientific Council of Research (CNR)

Tel: 39.051.6398906

Fax: 39.051.6398940

Dr. Nguyen Huu Cu

Hai Phong Institute of Oceanology (HIO),

NCST Vietnam

Tel: 84.31.761523

Fax: 84.31.761521


Pre-feasibility study on biomass electric power generation using appropriate technologies in Vietnam

Dr. Emanuele Scoditti

ENEA Casaccia

Tel: 39.0630483439

Fax: 39.0630486585

Dr. Nguyen Manh Hien

Institute of Energy,

MOI Vietnam

Tel: 84.4.8523730

Fax: 84.4.8523311


Development of modular renewable energy (RE) hybrid power plants for isolated rural villages and islands

Dr. Gianni Croce

ENEA Casaccia

Tel: 39.0630483439

Fax: 39.0630486585

Ms. Pham Thi Nga

Vietnam Energy Conservation Program (VECP),

MOSTE Vietnam

Tel: 84.4.9783573

Fax: 84.4.9783573




Study on biodiversity conservation in coastal area of Vietnam

Prof. Massimo Sarti

Institute of Marine Sciences,

Ancona University, Italy

Tel: 39.071.2204531

Fax: 39.071.2204650

Dr. Do Cong Thung

Hai Phong Institute of Oceanology,

NCST Vietnam

Tel: 84.31.760603

Fax: 84.31.761521


Medicine and Health


Phytochemical and biological studies of Vietnamese medicinal plants and marine natural products

Prof. Dr. Morelli Ivano

Department of Bio-organic Chemistry and Bio-pharmaceutics,

Pisa University

Tel: 39.050.44074

Fax: 39.050.43321

Prof. Dr. Chau Van Minh

Institute of Natural Products Chemistry,

NCST Vietnam

Tel: 84.4.8363375

Fax: 84.4.7564390


Conservation and Restoration of Ancient Monuments


Thermo luminescence dating of ceramic materials, baked clays and ancient buildings

Dr. Martini Marco

INFM-Research Unit Milano-Bicocca University, Dept. Material Science

Prof. Vu Xuan Quang

Institute of Material Sciences,

National Center for Natural Science and Technology (NCST)


Knowledge and preservation of the cultural, architectural and environmental heritage: historical cities of Hue and Hoi An

Prof. Pugnaloni Fausto

Ancona University - IDAU

Tel: 39.071.2204391

Fax: 39.071.2204882

Dr. Le Manh Thanh

Hue Science University,

University of Hue

Tel: 84.54.823293

Fax: 84.54.824901


Geophysical prospecting, buildings techniques and analyses of historical monuments and archaeological remains in Vietnam

Dr. Cucarzi Mauro

Fondazione Ing. C. Lerici

University Politecnico of Milano

Tel: 39.0648.80083

Fax: 39.0648.27085


Dr. Dinh Van Toan

Institute of Geological Sciences

NCST Vietnam

Tel: 84.4.8344160

Fax: 84.4.8362886