Press Release

Hanoi, August 7th, 2001  

Hanoi Noi Bai Airport will host tomorrow, August the 8th, the arrival of one stage of the Flying Race Rome-Tokyo, which started from Italy last July the 23rd and will reach the Japanese capital city mid August.

The Flying Race thinks back over the legendary enterprise of two Italian pilots, Masiero and Ferrarini, who took off from Rome in February the 14th 1920 and arrived in Tokyo after 106 days of flight and 18.000 km, shared in 42 stages. It was an epoch-making event, that deepened the economic and cultural relationships among Italy and the Far-Eastern countries.

With the same spirit and a real passion for flight, two small Italian propeller airplanes SIAI 250, with two different crews, are flying in these days over 7.972 miles, almost 15.000 km, from Rome to Tokyo, for an approximately long flying trip of 20 days. Hanoi is the arrival of the 12th stage, about 426 km, from Chiang Mai, Thailand, and will host the departure of the 13th one, which will bring the Italian planes to Macau after a journey of 527 km.

Crew: First airplane (SIAI 250 20/R I-SJAB): Mr. Antonello Filippone, Mr. Riccardo Romano, Mr. Paolo Zecchini. Second Airplane (SIAI 250 20/R I-VRST): Mr. Riccardo Filippi, Mr. Franco Maggiulli, Mr. Adelmo Franco Pecorari.

Representatives of the Italian Embassy will be present during the planes landing at Noi Bai Airport.