The Government of the Italian Republic and the Government of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam in view of promoting their friendly relations and developing the cooperation between their two Countries, aware of the importance of scientific and technological research for the economical and social growth, recalling the Agreement on economic, scientific and technical cooperation signed in Hanoi on December 26th, 1989 and in the frame of its implementation, have agreed on the following programme:


Theo two Sides shall promote direct cooperation, with peaceful intents, among governmental Organizations, Universities, Centers of Research, Institutions and other public or private bodies of both Countries, in order to put into effect the programmes and projects of common interest.

Art. II

Theo cooperation carried out through the present Protocol shall consist of:

1. Joint working out of technological research and development plans;

2. Exchanges and training of scientific and technical staff;

3. Joint organization and execution of seminars, conferences and courses for professional improvement;

4. Exchange of scientific and technological information;

5. Any other kind of cooperation the Parties should consider suitable.


Theo two Sides, in order to put into being the aims of the present Protocol shall stimulate and facilitate the contacts among the governmental Organizations, Universities, Research Centers, Institutions and other public or private bodies of both Countries.

Art. IV

Theo financial support for the activities foreseen in the present Protocol shall be fixed accordingly for each programme or project of scientific and technological cooperation the Parties intend to carry out.

Art. V

Theo results obtained with execution of the research and development projects established in the present Protocol shall belong equally to both Sides.

In the event of some results being patented, the Parties shall sign a special Agreement according to the internal laws of each Country.

Art. VI

Theo two Sides agree that the scientific and technological information, proceeding from the cooperation put into being with the present Protocol, shall be freely used and put at the disposal of the scientific communities in the world unless the providing Party should establish limitation or reservation about its use.

Art. VII

The two Sides, in order to give a concrete development and follow-up to the present Protocol, agree to appoint a Joint Commission, formed from the Italian side by representatives of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other competent bodies, and from the Vietnamese side by the representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and National Committee of Science.


In the frame of the present Protocol and in view of its application, the two Sides shall draw up complementary Agreements aimed at the execution of specific programmes and projects in the scientific and technological field.

Art. IX

In case of dispute arising from the interpretation and execution of the present Protocol, the Parties shall solve them through negotiations and diplomatic channels.

Art. X

Each Side shall notify the counterpart on the definition of the procedures required bay the national law for the ratification of the present Protocol which shall became operative on the date of the last notification received.

Art. XI

The present Protocol shall have three years of validity. It shall be automatically renewed for the same period unless one of the Parties shall give notice to terminate it at least six months in advance of the date the Party wishes to cancel it.

Theo above mentioned term shall not affect the ongoing programs and projects unless the two Side agree differently.

Done in Hanoi on the 5th January 1992 in two originals, each being in the English language.

For the Government of the Italian Republic

For the Government of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam