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The couples intending to adopt a foreign child must have the international certificate of “suitability to adopt” issued by the competent italian juvenile Court.

The difference in age between the adopting parents and the adopted son must not be lower than 18 years and not more than 40 years.

Informations about the  documents required for adopting a child in Vietnam and about their translation may be provided at the Embassy of Vietnam in Rome, Via Clitunno n. 34/36, tel. 8543223.

Procedure to be followed in Vietnam in order to adopt a child:

  • Hand over the certificate of suitability to adopt issued by the italian Juvenile Court to the Embassy of Italy, 9, Le Phung Hieu, Tel. 8256256/8256246; the italian Embassy will issue a declaration that, alongwith all  others documents previously issued in Italy, will be produced to the vietnamese authorities;

  • The file has to be handed over to the competent Department of  Justice which shall ascertain the availability  of the minor for adoption (no private relationship can exist between the family of origin and the adopting parents as adoption in Vietnam is  exclusive competence of the abovesaid Department);  the adopted child has to be taken officially from an orphanage;

  • The file will be afterwards given to the competent  Police Department for further investigation and authorization to adopt the child thus selected (this procedure will take  1 or 2 months);

  • After this authorization has been given by the police, the file, sent by the Department of Justice to the  President of the People’s Committee for his authorization, will be given back to the Department of Justice and to the Police for the last approval after ten days.

Once this procedure is over, the Department of Justice informs the adopting parents about the date on which the minor will be officially handed over to them alongwith the following documents:

  • Authorization to adopt the child and declaration of abandonment of the minor (2 originals);

  • Certificate of adoption and delivery of the child (2 originals);

  • Birth certificate (1 original+ 1 copy);

  • Pink paper (Form MX1) to be purchased at the Immigration Department, 40 A Hang Bai Street, Hanoi upon the presentation of the authorization to adopt and 4 photographs of the minor, in order to obtain his passport; the pink paper at the moment of the delivery of the child must be attested by the Department of Justice.

  • The adopting parents have afterwards to go to the Immigration Department in Hang Bai Street n. 40 A , Hanoi (ground floor, office n. 6)   with the pink paper in order to start the procedure for the issue of the minor’s passport;

  • All the other documents (authorization to adopt, certificate of abandonment of the minor, certificate of adoption and delivery of the child, his certificate of birth, all  in 4 copies of which 1 original and 3 attested copies), must be produced to the Office of the Notary Public n.1 in 310 Ba Trieu Street, Hanoi and furtherly at  the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Chu Van An street n. 6, Hanoi for their legalization by the officer of the Consular Section.

  • Once these documents have been legalized , they must be translated in  italian (through the aid of the italian Embassy) and presented  alongwith the passport, two passportsize photographs and a copy of the italian Juvenile  Court’s certificate of suitability to adopt to the italian Embassy which will legalize them and will issue the certificate of conformity as well as the visa on the passport.

Addresses of the competent offices in Ho Chi Minh:


  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Consular Section): 6 Alexandre De Rhodes St. tel.: 827553;

  • Department of Justice:  143 Pasteur St., Dist. n. 3 tel.: 8297052;      

  • Immigration Department: 254 Nguyen Trai Street, Dist. 1 tel.: 8353353;

  • Notary Office n. 1 and n. 3: 97 Pasteur Street, Dist. 1 tel.: 8230177;

  • Notary Office n. 2: 94 Ngo Quyen, Dist. 5 tel.: 8551717.

  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is present only in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh, while all the others  abovementioned offices are in all the provinces of Vietnam.

Hanoi, 12.01.2000 



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